Bourne Ragged Old Flags

Rather than properly destroying the older flags from Operation Flags for Vets we decided to put them in frames and sell to help fund replacement flags as needed.

Rave Mobile Safety’s CEO Tom Axbey donated $2000 for frames.  100% of the sales of the first 200 framed Flags went straight to Operation Flags for Vets. 

Each Framed Flag includes the card. 

Custom cards can be requested with your Loved One’s information for no additional cost.  Many use a picture of the person or grave marker, name, date, branch, rank and other information.  To request a custom card please send the info and picture in an email to Rocco.

Framed Flags are $20 each .

You can purchase online by going to the Online Store link.  If you would like us to ship the framed flag please choose the “with shipping” option.